The price one is willing to pay for a product is a direct reflection of the product's perceived value.

When speaking to business owners, most insurance agencies say things like this, “You worry about your business and we will worry about your insurance”. While this sounds kind and service oriented, what it really says is one of two things, (1) insurance isn’t important enough for you to worry about, or (2) you can’t understand insurance and therefore we will handle it for you. The result of this kind of thinking is an agent, who doesn’t understand your business, guessing what coverage is best or, more likely, putting together a policy that he hopes is cheaper than anybody else’s.

We know we are trusted to be the insurance expert, but we believe that means we are trusted to teach our clients about the product they are purchasing. Once the product is understood, we work together, with our client, to put together a package that provides maximum protection for his/her business. We teach our clients to transfer risk rather than retain it. We teach them to understand the difference between the price of insurance and the cost of not having it. As our clients learn more about insurance, they begin to understand its value and the important role it plays in the success of their business.


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